Monday, September 24, 2007

Dead Tired

With Mysterical-E's Fall issue, my story Dead Tired is ready for reading. This little tale has Bo investigating the death of a young man who walked the straight-and-narrow. But what will she do the information she uncovers?

  • Last Story Finished: Sex Act
  • Story in Progress: none
  • What I should be doing: preparing for History class

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Assortment of Bullies

The July archive is now available at Crime and Suspense so those who missed the story "Assortment of Bullies" can read it. This one is told not from Bo's perspective, but Dawn's. Something I was trying, in part to explore Dawn's character and in part to try submitting a story with a more accessible character. Bo's a little crude, crass and sharp. Dawn's softer, more vulnerable. They are, for you literary folks, foils.

But Bo's still the central character as she deals with a variety of difficult and violence-prone people.

  • Last story finished: Death by PI revisions-- and it's been submitted
  • Story in progress: Nothing at the moment, but I'll think of one. Probably should work on "Cracked" I have some good ideas for that one
  • Excuse for not writing: revising, which is very different and often times more frustrating than just writing

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


PowderBurn Flash has posted the short "Matters of Privacy." Bo Fexler has her own rules and her own definitions. To go along with those, in this tale she has a new blackeye and a new ex-boyfriend. Read to find out what happened.

  • Last story finished: Matters of Privacy
  • Story in Progress: Loose Screws, & Death by PI
  • Excuse for not writing: Preparing for and teaching the first week of classes