Monday, December 31, 2007

Heroes Often Fail

I ordered the sequel to "Under a Raging Moon" because I enjoyed the first book. Admittedly, it's been sitting in my To Read pile, but I finally had the time to read. (Often it's a choice between reading and writing, and the latter usually wins.) I chewed through the book in about four hours-- and finished long it after assuring my hubby I'd be to bed soon. It says something about a book that demands to be finished once the reader has entered the final stages.

Frank Zafiro creates marvelous characters, so rich and assorted. The only thing I wish is that I could get to know some of them a little more. For me, the characters kept me reading more than the plot-- and that's not intended as a knock against the plot. It's a well-written plot, suspenseful at parts and carefully orchestrated, but it's not a happy plot. The characters were so enjoyable, though, I don't think it would have mattered what the story was.

The story is a kidnapping of a little girl. Since the third person omnicient view point includes the little girl, it's clear to the reader what's happened long before the cops even know. In fact, there's a scene where the reader-- at least this reader-- wanted to kneecap Kopriva for his mistake because of what I knew. I think it's called dramatic irony.

I didn't like the ending. Nothing against Frank's writing-- he writes very well. But it's not an ending to be liked. The clues come together and the crime plays out. Unfortunately, I tend to flip to the end of the book when it gets suspenseful, and I was rewarded far too well for my efforts. This is wholly personal preference, but I was hoping that Frank would thwart my attempt to find out the end before I get there, especially since he did so well at not revealing the end in the last pages of his other novel.

I do recommend "Heroes Often Fail." It could easily be read without having first read "Under a Raging Moon," but they're both good books. I'm hoping to see more of these characters, because they're delightful, from Katie MacLeod to Stefan Kopriva, even Hart. I want to see Hart get what's coming to him. Or maybe he just needs a girlfriend-- and a good lay. =)

There are more of Frank's characters hanging out at Mysterical-E as his 4 part story comes to print. Which is nice, for now, but I'm ready for the next book, Frank.

And now back to being sick (if I find the student who gave me this cold...!)

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The Winter 2007 issue of Mouth Full of Bullets is out. The talented BJ Bourg has put together a fine publication-- and this issue even includes not one, but two Bo Fexler pieces. The first is "Highs and Mellows." This story is only available in the print edition, for now. Eveuntually, it'll be in the archives. Until then, just pony up the six bucks and buy a copy. It's worth it for stories like "Your New Fan" by Keri Clark. Damn. That's great writing there. And it's in good company.

The second story is "Lord of His Domain," and it originally appeared at Powderburn Flash. This one is available online at Mouth Full of Bullets.

And now, back to the novel. 22 thousand words written and it's still fun. But don't worry, I'll still be writing short stories. Bo has a lot of misadventures yet unwritten.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

And Happy Holidays to You Too

It's that time of year-- and from working ages in retail, I know first hand how the holidays bring out the "best" in people. Nevertheless, Christmas is just around the corner, the kids have been let out for Christmas Break, and there's plenty of social obligations that people get through with gritted teeth and/or alcohol. And there's a Bo Fexler short story, titled "Holiday Beating" over at Powder Burn Flash.

Maybe next year I'll write some cheerful holiday tripe.

Probably not.

Until then, I've a novel to work on, classes to prepare for, short stories to write, a grad course to take, and computer training courseware to edit. For now, with the wind howling outside my little Michigan home, I've got a candy cane and plenty of Diet Pepsi.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007


DBA Lehane has a short story contest going on right now. The stories are twenty-six words long, with each letter starting with a successive alphabet letter. I happen to have submitted an entry-- not a Bo Fexler piece. Couldn't figure out how to work that in... =)

You can click
here to read the entries. You can also comment (vote) on entries.

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