Monday, December 31, 2007


The Winter 2007 issue of Mouth Full of Bullets is out. The talented BJ Bourg has put together a fine publication-- and this issue even includes not one, but two Bo Fexler pieces. The first is "Highs and Mellows." This story is only available in the print edition, for now. Eveuntually, it'll be in the archives. Until then, just pony up the six bucks and buy a copy. It's worth it for stories like "Your New Fan" by Keri Clark. Damn. That's great writing there. And it's in good company.

The second story is "Lord of His Domain," and it originally appeared at Powderburn Flash. This one is available online at Mouth Full of Bullets.

And now, back to the novel. 22 thousand words written and it's still fun. But don't worry, I'll still be writing short stories. Bo has a lot of misadventures yet unwritten.

  • Story currently in progress: Bo Novel
  • Last story finished: final edit of "Skeletons of Past Loves"
  • What I should be doing: nothing, I'm on vacation
  • Current song: Hey Mister, by Custom

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DBA Lehane said...

Congratulations ann all that! I'm looking forward to the June 2008 edition of Mouthfull of Bullets - that's when my short 'An Act of God' is scheduled to appear in print!

Here's wishing you a happy and successful 2008!