Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm not very good at writing transitions in my stories. Lucky for me, life tends to push onwards, whether or not the transition is any good.

But, it's the end of 2009. I've been in the New House for a year now. We call it "The Money Pit." (I'd like that movie better if that shrill chick wasn't playing opposite Tom Hanks. But I still like the story. And story trumps all.)

Owning a house has certainly cut into my writing time. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I have done little writing this fall. It's been a busy couple of months. As always, I plan and hope and wish to write more.

Unfortunately, 2009 was not the year I landed an agent. It was a year of many things, though, including completion of Grad School (which freed up time and money that was then spent on the house... hm. Dang.) I'm still hoping for 2010 as the year I land an agent.

I never feel anything new or different as one year turns into the next. The most I ever feel is that frustration over writing the wrong damn year on the checks for about six weeks. Perhaps the calendar is turning over a new page, but my life will continue on, one day after the next, same as before.

No wonder there's no symbolism in my writing... I don't buy into symbolism in my life. For those of you that make something special of the changing of the years, enjoy.

May we all see more of Bo in the new year. (Not like that... well, maybe. ;-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Response to Harlequin's "Reprinting" the Pulps

Harlequin is reprinting some of the old pulps-- you know, those old books with plenty of sex and violence-- the sort of story where Bo Fexler would fit right in.

Except they're "editing" them to make them more politically correct. Apparently, Harlequin never even read the Wikipedia article on pulp fiction books... like where it says that pulps were "perhaps best remembered for their lurid and exploitative stories."

So apparently in Harlequin's reprints, instead of walking down these mean streets, the detective will walk down mildly disgruntled streets.

My Town Monday: Hiatus

I debated long and hard today, but I decided to take an official hiatus from MTM until the new year. I'll be working on some new material though, in part because next semester I'm teaching a Michigan & Local History class to my lovely students (assuming I can get enough of them interested in it!)

I'm hoping to have a few posts along the way, but it's entirely possible that the lights will dim on this blog over the next few weeks. I've got a lot on my plate both personally and professionally at the moment (the price of working too many jobs, methinks.) And that doesn't even include this writing hobby of mine. Though I have a few rants and musings that may or may not be subjected on those other than my poor Hubby.

I'll still be collecting links over at the My Town Monday site. And hopefully making progress on the novel-in-progress.

If you ask me, the new year is a great time to start up My Town Monday posts... so if you've been thinking about it, consider joining me in the new year.