Thursday, December 31, 2009


I'm not very good at writing transitions in my stories. Lucky for me, life tends to push onwards, whether or not the transition is any good.

But, it's the end of 2009. I've been in the New House for a year now. We call it "The Money Pit." (I'd like that movie better if that shrill chick wasn't playing opposite Tom Hanks. But I still like the story. And story trumps all.)

Owning a house has certainly cut into my writing time. I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I have done little writing this fall. It's been a busy couple of months. As always, I plan and hope and wish to write more.

Unfortunately, 2009 was not the year I landed an agent. It was a year of many things, though, including completion of Grad School (which freed up time and money that was then spent on the house... hm. Dang.) I'm still hoping for 2010 as the year I land an agent.

I never feel anything new or different as one year turns into the next. The most I ever feel is that frustration over writing the wrong damn year on the checks for about six weeks. Perhaps the calendar is turning over a new page, but my life will continue on, one day after the next, same as before.

No wonder there's no symbolism in my writing... I don't buy into symbolism in my life. For those of you that make something special of the changing of the years, enjoy.

May we all see more of Bo in the new year. (Not like that... well, maybe. ;-)


Jamie D. said...

That picture is hilarious! :-)

I think associating dates, things, occasions with symbolism is just another choice - you either choose to let it mean something to you, or to let it mean nothing. I don't attach a lot of meaning to many holidays, and frankly I wish a lot of them would just disappear.

But I do view Jan. 1 less as the turning of any old page, and more as a start of a new chapter. Guess I need a day to regroup and start fresh.

In any case, I wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy, and agent-filled 2010, even if it's just another turn of the page for you. :-)

Chad said...

Transitions are my weak point too. I spend the longest time trying to get them correct.

My wife and I have been in our house for about 2 and a half years now, and while it is wonderful to have a place you own--it is one big money pit.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Clair. I hope 2010 brings wonderful things for you and Bo!