Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sex Appeal

So, I updated the look of my blog. Titillating. It was a chance thing as I was over reading some stories at Fictional Musings-- which looks pretty cool with it's recently updated blog template. Anyway, I saw the link for Free Blog Skins and surfed on over. That's when I saw her. The ruby red lips. Sexy. Seductive. And damn, they could even be Bo's lips.

Given the unabashed sexuality in several Bo Fexler short stories, including the ones I've been working on of late, it seemed entirely appropriate. Bo is the smart, bitter, witty private eye, but she is also the sexy dame with the "legs up to here" who's always in trouble. No massive bazookas, though. ;-)

Unfortunately, things are otherwise fairly quiet on the publishing front. I have many stories out and about, begging assorted editors if they can spare some room in their publications. And I've been working at a furious pace on several shorts behind the scenes. I actually have more stories submitted than I have "in progress" which is unusual for me. Most of the pieces I have been hard at work on have been these gargantuan stories, even by my standards. 6, 8, even 10k. And one that tips the scales at 18k. Harder to sell these tales are. But they are some of my finest work, without a doubt.

So a lot going on, but not much to show for it. Speaking of nothing to show for it, I am foolishly signing up for National Novel Writing Month, aka, NaNoWriMo. I've done this for several years now, with nothing to show for it except the experience. This year, I'm hoping to get some nuggest of Bo Fexler stories out of it. Perhaps even some novellas. This is the first year, however, that I enter into this as published author. With fans.

Someday, I'll get to that novel and that series. Bo deserves for her novels to make it to paper. Her fans deserve it. And I deserve to make a few bucks from my writing. Just a few. Until then, it's back to my underpaid positions!

  • Last story completed: Black and Pink and Blond All Over (formerly "Exposure"), with many thanks to AW.

  • Story Currently in Progress: Misguided Flight, alternating with Man of the Month (v3!)

  • What should I be doing: laundry

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bo's in trouble again

Today, the fourth issue of Yellow Mama came out, and it includes "Beaten to the Punch." Readers know that Bo is as likely to use her body and her brains as well as her fists-- as seen in "Assortment of Bullies". This one uses fists. A notebook's been stolen right out of Bo's apartment and she doesn't take the violation well. Getting the notebook back becomes her priority. Is she making a mistake?

Assault, after all, can prevent a private investigator from keeping her license.

Phillip Marlowe never had to worry about losing his license after he knocked anyone around. Or broke into anyone's house. But Phillip Marlowe is a fictional character. ;-)

  • Story in progress: New Year
  • Last Story completed: Sex Act
  • Reason for not writing: I have way too many jobs. And a husband who actually likes to be around me.