Monday, October 15, 2007

Bo's in trouble again

Today, the fourth issue of Yellow Mama came out, and it includes "Beaten to the Punch." Readers know that Bo is as likely to use her body and her brains as well as her fists-- as seen in "Assortment of Bullies". This one uses fists. A notebook's been stolen right out of Bo's apartment and she doesn't take the violation well. Getting the notebook back becomes her priority. Is she making a mistake?

Assault, after all, can prevent a private investigator from keeping her license.

Phillip Marlowe never had to worry about losing his license after he knocked anyone around. Or broke into anyone's house. But Phillip Marlowe is a fictional character. ;-)

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Anonymous said...


Great story, held my attention, one tough detective you've created. There must be some correlation...let me! Great, I'll read more when I've got the time. Keep up the good work, it was excellent reading!! Your favorite sub, Mark~!