Sunday, December 23, 2007

And Happy Holidays to You Too

It's that time of year-- and from working ages in retail, I know first hand how the holidays bring out the "best" in people. Nevertheless, Christmas is just around the corner, the kids have been let out for Christmas Break, and there's plenty of social obligations that people get through with gritted teeth and/or alcohol. And there's a Bo Fexler short story, titled "Holiday Beating" over at Powder Burn Flash.

Maybe next year I'll write some cheerful holiday tripe.

Probably not.

Until then, I've a novel to work on, classes to prepare for, short stories to write, a grad course to take, and computer training courseware to edit. For now, with the wind howling outside my little Michigan home, I've got a candy cane and plenty of Diet Pepsi.

  • Last story finished: Big Instruments
  • Story in progress: Bo Novel #1 (just passed 10k)
  • Reason for not writing: Enjoying not having anything I *have* to work on.
  • Today's Song: Elf's Lament by Barenaked Ladies (What a funny song!)

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