Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Seems Bo Fexler's attetion-getting activities have been successful. Jochem Van Der Steen, over at Sons of Spade, invited me to do a little Q&A with him. Of course I agreed. There's no such thing as bad publicity! And it's a nice way to start off 2008.

Christmas break ends for me today. But it was a productive one. I happily have written more than 50 thousand words in my novel. And that doesn't count the ones that were cut out. You know the drill: write two pages, hate them, delete them, write two more pages and sometimes those two new pages are worse than before! I'm at the hardest point of any story-- answering the questions that have been plaguing Bo all novel. Maybe the fact that Christmas break is over is a good thing since I have classes to teach, papers to grade, and other things to keep from glaring at my computer screen and cursing it for not supplying me with the answers to the mystery I'm writing. (Stupid computer.)

But, the good news is I'm still having fun with the novel.
  • Story in Progress: Bo Novel #1 (still not even a working title for this beast) 50k
  • Last Story Finished: Skeletons of Past Loves, see it at Sons of Spade while your there
  • What I should be doing: Preparing for class tomorrow morning
  • Current Song: Crushcrushcrush by Paramore, no Garbage but they're okay.

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