Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Muse

My muse has a sense of humor. Often, when my schedule is wide open, with no obligations, she takes time off. And if she knows that day without obligations is a day when Hubby will be gone all day, she's even lazier.

But when I'm shorting sleep, trying to cram in several different projects and personal commitments, she shows up with this really great idea. Something to do with Bo. And strip poker.

Stupid muse.

And we won't talk about how she loves to give me ideas as I'm drifting off to sleep, warm and snuggled up with already-sleeping Hubby (who gets up at dark o'clock).

I'd hate her, but she does have such good ideas.

I've been trying to bargain with her lately. If she'll give me fragments of ideas when I'm busy, then it gives me something to mull over while I drive to work. Then, when I have lots of time, like some Saturday, she can just nudge the idea along instead of doing real work.

Does your muse behave? Or does she mock you like mine mocks me?


Travis Erwin said...

This is why the word muse is right there in amuse.

David Cranmer said...

My muse stands 5' and is an endless source of inspiration. She never mocks me, I refer to her as my charmer.

Barbara Martin said...

My muse remains silent until I am reading a book in a different genre. Then it pops up with a solution to a character's problem when I least expect it. I always carry a small lined pad with pencil along for those moments, otherwise I tend to forget those "ah-ha" times.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Right now I'd love to slap Muse upside her head.

thecomputermama said...

My muse is happy: I feed her dark chocolate. ;-)