Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Baby Shark Book

In all the craziness of the fall, I haven't gotten around to pimping my favorite female sleuth. Baby Shark-- Kristin Van Dijk-- has a new book out. Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Borders. I don't have my hands on a copy yet. (Hubby learned an important lesson this Christmas-- the books Clair wants are not regularly stocked in bookstores, unfortunately) but I've loved the previous three.

Also, as he tends to do with the new release, author Robert Fate is giving away PDFs of a previous book, in this case, the second book in the series, Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues.

If you like Bo Fexler, chances are good you'll enjoy Baby Shark. She's as tough as Bo, though she doesn't quite use her feminine charms the way Bo does. Then again, what good-guy female EVER does in mystery fiction, anyway? (But that's a separate rant.)

Anyway, I gotta pimp this chick. Gotta make sure she stays in print and gets out there.

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