Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It's not a Bo Fexler story, but you can read my flash fiction story "Money-back Guarantee" at Flashshot for a limited time. You can find it under the link for the last ten Flashsots. For about ten days since Flashshot is a daily genre fiction publication. While your there, you might consider signing up to recieve Flashshot daily in your email. I do and recommend it to others. They're all just one hundred words long, so its a quick read.

Speaking of things emailed, I believe that by clicking the button waaayyyy down at the bottom of this blog, you can sign up to be emailed whenever I post something. Obviously, it won't be that frequent. Not with three jobs. At least grad school's done for the semester.

Story currently working on: heh heh, yeah. no comment
Excuse for not writing: end of semester crunch-- such as making up the Goodnight Moon project for English 9 (see last post)
Story I want to work on: Francis Thayer Whittacker. I think I know how to end it.

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