Sunday, May 6, 2007


Since fellow writer M.C. O'Conner was kind enough to give Bo's blog a shout out and a link on his blog, it's only fair that I should return the favor. I'll even make the comparison that like my protagonist, I know that recriprocation and networking are important in this world. In some circles, it is crucial. A private investigator will do well to build a reputation for fairness and reciprocity because a burnt bridge or a scorned fellow don't help in a case.

Maybe it works for the hardboilded male detectives like Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade because they are "bad boys." And when they are curt with the women, the ladies only fall harder. I think it's that 'bad boy' thing that seems to have so many woman complainging that "he's exiciting, but he treats me bad." And then complaining that the nice guys are boring. Phillip Marlowe isn't boring-- he's dangerous and decisive. He knows what he's going to do and doesn't worry a lot about who doesn't like it. This, apparently, is alluring to many women folk.

It doesn't work so well the other way-- a decisive dame is just a bitch. And a man who goes for that is allegedly emasculated. Maybe this is why a bitter woman like Bo Fexler isn't as easily accepted a character as Marlowe or Spade. Another double standard-- like how Marlowe can seduce any woman and he's just suave, good. So, while Bo may have a tongue sharp enough to slice any man or woman into piece, she also knows that sometimes building repoire can be even more useful than fear. But it's a skill that's rustier than a 1986 Ford Taurus from the Detroit area.

I'm not a PI, but as a new author, I know that building readership is always a good thing. Maybe someday I can use it for "leverage" when I pitch my novel to some publishing house. Someday. First, I have to find MORE time to write. And still make enough money to cover the bills, buy a house, and maybe even have kids. On a teacher's salary. Or rather, an alternative school teacher's hourly wages. Somehow, working with the most challenging students means getting paid less . . . one of the marvels of the modern world.

Story currently in progress: Francis Thayer Whittacker, still (I think it needs a better title.)
Predominate plot problem: who was outside Tuesday night with Toni? And why?
Excuse for not writing: I don't know how to "kill Harold"

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