Monday, May 7, 2007

Con and Conflict

Two more of my stories have seen the light of dark internet alleys.

The first, "Cat Nip" is appearing at Powder Burn Flash. Ever notice how many young women carry their cell phone right in the open top of their over-stuffed purse? Bo has. And she's willing to exploit that. And people's expectations.

The second is "Old Adversaries" at Nefarious. Back in high school, a man came between Bo and a friend. Bo's not willing to let those old tensions get in the way of her investigation.

Read and enjoy!

Latest Story Finished: Family Affairs of Adult Children (formerly Francis Thayer Whittacker) Now for editing . . .
Story currently in progress: Untitled story about someone breaking into Bo's apartment
Excuse for not writing: Too tired (stupid allergy)

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