Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update on updates

I've been thinking that I might try to post at least a little something everyweek. I suppose just to occupy my time. And perhaps entertain my fans.

This week, I finished a little story about an old love affair and a couple buried skeletons. I've got a thing for abandoned houses-- and this story starts with an abandoned house (or property rather) that was recently bought. The new owner finds a skeleton, the police don't give it much time, so the owner hires Bo to find out who this dead person might be. It was a fun story to write, since the guy with the answers is a couple whole degress off plumb.

I've noticed that in some of Bo's stories, it doesn't really matter that she's the investigator. She's focused, tenacious, and occaisionally mouthy, but the detective really could be anyone. Which explains (duh) why some editors have been displeased with my protagonist. But there in lies another conundrum: not every case Bo's invovled in will feature growth or anything personal. At least from the real-world side of things. Some cases are just cases she takes-- interesting stories. I think writing them as Bo's stories adds that flavor (a little grit) but they are still just A case. No more or less important than any other case.

  • Story currently under the "knife" (MSWord needs knife function!): Untitled 'apartment' story. Wow, not even a working title. Highly unusual.
  • Last story finished: Skeletons of Past Love (see above)
  • Excuse for not writing: I finally went through some of the piles and stacks of stuff I planned to take care of "later". Apparently today is "later"

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