Friday, July 20, 2007

New Things

No stories published since last week-- though several have been accepted. As they appear, of course I'll provide links.

One important new development, however, is the addition of an email subscription. Those interested parties who would like to recieve posts-- and all accompanying links-- in their email inbox as they occur can subscribe in the little box on your right.

Maybe if I get enough subscribers, I can use that as leverage in selling Bo Fexler novels. Of course, I'd have to have to time to WRITE said novel(s), but we'll start one step at a time. Bo Fexler is growing in popularity, in spite of her bitter nature and sharp tongue. I understand: I like her too.

Bo's got stories scheduled to appear in August, November (2) and December as of right now. Rather exciting. Especially since I look back and realize that one mere year ago, I had a pair of stories in Flashot and 'Spark' had just come out in Mysterical-E. It's been a long-seeming short road, but a lot of fun. And surely just the beginning.

Oh yeah, I added links to the 'Internet Places I Haunt' section. Check 'em out. Good stuff there.

  • Last story completed: False Impressions
  • Story in Progress: Medium-Well
  • Excuse for not writing: Ah-ha! I have been writing. I get a scratch&sniff smiley face sticker for working hard. =)

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