Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bo's back . . . finally!

It's been a long several weeks, but Bo's finally come out of the shadows. The story is called "False Impressions" and it appears at Yellow Mama. In the 3600 word short story, Bo is trying to find a woman with a tendency towards fraud. Things start at a domestic violence shelter where the workers mistakenly thinks Bo-- fresh out of a bar brawl-- is there for assistance. First impressions can be both good and bad. They can also be true or false.

I had fun writing this story, especially given the amount of Bo's bitter naration.

One note: those who are familiar with Greek mythology might get the reference of LEDA (as in the mortal raped by Zeus.) I happen to think that it makes an excellent acronym for a domestic violance assistance program. But then, word play has always been my weakness. That's probably why nearly all my titles have some sort of word play in them-- this one included.

Lastly, thanks are in order for both DZ Allen at MuzzleFlash and to Frank Zafiro for putting links from their pages onto mine. The more the merrier. And I still get geeked when my little bookworm hit counter goes up and up.

  • Story in progress: just several different bits and pieces
  • Last story completed: Medium-Well
  • Excuse for not writing: writing tests for a Windows Vista course (aka job #4)

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