Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Crook, Good PI

Bo's back in a two-part two bit story called "Good Crook, Bad Cop" over at MuzzleFlash. The story is a police 'interview.' The first part is with Axel, a friend of Bo's, and the second part is with Bo herself. Part 1 should really be read first. The story is about an arrest, some emails that may or may not have been obtained leagally, and a vendetta.

Insider's Note: Bo uses the word vendetta rather than grudge because of her speech impairment. Since her impairment leaves her unable to say R's, (amongst other problems) she does sometimes pick a synonym without an R.

  • Excuse for not writing: working 4 jobs. But I did get a fair amount of editing done on "Death by PI"
  • Last story finished: Good Crook, Bad Cop pts 1 & 2
  • Story in progress: Several different pieces as my whismy dictates

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