Monday, November 5, 2007


After a fantastic run of acceptance and publication this past year, I seem to have fallen a bit into a slump. Not for lack of ideas! Or even of stories. The problem is I've been working on things that are too long for most publications OR that are, ah, well, not going to be accepted by most places. Usually for sexual content.

The other thing holding back some of my completed stories is 'themes'. I hate themed issues. Almost as much as I hate celebrity 'news'. Few of my stories fit into any themes because they are just written as stories. Everyday stories. Cases where Bo uses her brain, body, and fists to get what she wants. Fun stories. But not themed. And several of the places that used to take regular stories-- with profanity, sex and violence-- have gone themed.

Somedays it seems like I'm the only fan of hardboild crime noir pulp fiction. From the number of emails and comments-- and hits-- I get, I know that I'm not, but pulications don't seem to cater to our ilk so much. Or they go themed.

I hate themes.

So, I wait. Iwait for publications that take my kind of stories. And in the meantime, I'm going to try to work on some shorter stories that do fit the requirements of the publishers. And my NaNoWriMo story.

  • Last story finished: Edits of "Family Affairs of Adult Children"

  • Story in Progress: "Merry Maids Murder" (working title!)

  • Reason for not writing: Working on NaNoWriMo2007-- currently over 13k words (out of 50k)

  • Song in my head: "Back in your head" by Tegan and Sara


sandra seamans said...

Have you tried Thrilling Detective. They accept stories up to 10,000 words, but like the 7 - 8000 range. The Back Alley takes hard-boiled stories. I can't remember their word count for sure, but I think it's in the 5 - 6000 range.

socalledauthor said...

I've tried both. With different, yet equally unsuccessful results as of yet. But thank you! =)

sandra seamans said...

I've been finding a few new markets that take mystery/suspense stories at, there's also listings for several pulp type magazines there. Many of them take the longer stories.

jvdsteen said...

Sons of Spade would be happy to publish your stuff! Bo fixes the format exactly!
Visit for more info.