Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, along with men and women who cannot be categorized as lady-like or gentlemenly (like me.) I think we finally have a title for the first Bo Fexler Novel, which, happily, is moving nicely into the completion stages.

My beta-reader is enjoying it, so that's a good sign. There was a false start, whereupon I remembered that there are two elements to Bo Fexler stories-- plot and ATTITUDE. In all caps. But, beyond that, feedback has been quite good.

I wish I could say I knew that, but I was quite nervous when I sent the first batch of chapters to my dear beta-reader. But, so far, there are three thumbs up for "Sex and Violence."

Would you pick it up from the bookstore shelf?

How about if there was a sexy dame on it, too?

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