Thursday, October 23, 2008

Erotic mystery

I never paid much attention to erotica as a genre. I have nothing against sex and books full of it. In fact, I rather like sex. At any rate, I admit to dismissing erotica because I thought it would have little that interested me. I thought erotica was all about romance and happily ever after and icky stuff like that.

But it's not. So, I've been studying up lately, learning about the possibilities in this genre. Possibilities for Bo Fexler to find a home. I think many of her stories could be classified as erotica. I think her first novel would be an erotic mystery. I'm okay with that... even though it does narrow my publishing prospects in some regards. It opens new prospects I hadn't really considered. I will have to learn more, see where Bo fits in.

The only problem with studying erotica is that I get... distracted... easily. The sacrifices I make for my craft. ;-)

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