Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Goes Through Your Head?

So... you come into my house. There's dust on the pictures and TV. There's a stain on the carpet by the front door. There's a mountain of newspapers breeding be the end of the couch, waiting to be recycled. There are a handful of glasses and bowls in the sink. There's crumbs and hairs here and there since it's been a couple days since anyone last vaccuumed.

What do you think? What goes through your head? Are you disgusted?

According to the commercials on TV, I should be mortified. Or, at least to avoid such mortification, I should buy [insert product].

I know there are people who get upset. But I don't. I have much more important things to do than put away dishes or vaccuum. I don't see my housekeeping as a reflection of my worth or godliness or some such thing.

I actually feel uncomfortable in spotless houses. I'm afraid to drop/spill/touch/ or shed.

How many of you care about how your house looks? Or what other people's houses look like?

1 comment:

Ray said...

Come round my place sometime.
The way I see it each to their own.
I think that the term for it is organised clutter - at least from your description it sounds as though you know where things are.
I'm one of those males who knows how to use a duster and a hoover and doesn't leave it all the wife. And the only time I get riled is when others try to clutter my bookcases.