Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Not the Only One Who Noticed...

There's not much sex going on in mystery books. Or at least, if it's there, it's behind closed doors. (Boring!)

Over at the Kill Zone, Eric Stone talks about one handed reading. Good reading. (The comments are interesting too.)

And I agree with him. Sex is part of a character, whether with a partner or alone.

Beyond characterization, I totally think the mystery section needs some sexing up. I think I know just the dame to do so. Blond. Five foot ten. Green eyes. With just the right sort of curves.


Christopher Grant said...


When I opened A Twist Of Noir, I made a conscious decision that I didn't want to restrain any of the potential writers and the stories they tell.

So, unlike a number of mystery/crime/noir story sites around the net, I said, "If you're going to use sex and violence, make sure that it furthers the story."

And I've had a handful of writers do just that. More often than not, sex doesn't come into the mix at all. But it's there for them to use if they so choose.

I can't imagine how constraining it is for a writer not to be able to write about something that we all have had or at least fantasized about having.

I can't imagine because I've never held myself back from using sex in my own fiction.

For those that have thought about using sex in their mystery, crime or noir fiction and have hesitated, I have three words:

Just do it.

You'll respect yourself in the morning.

Clair Dickson said...

I agree, Chris. And thank you for providing a place for stories that include sex (if need be.)

Not every story needs sex, but it's hard to write Bo without being sexy. That's a big part of her. And it's fun to write.

Barbara Martin said...

One would think that sex being a healthy, normal adult activity would find its way into stories more.