Saturday, April 11, 2009

Linky Love and Other Housekeeping

I finally got a chance to go through and update my links. It was one of those tasks where my own negligence was bothering me, but it was awful far down on the priorities list.

I've taken the links off the sidebar (getting to be too many for that anyway) and moved them to the "second part" of this site. I'm still too cheap to have my own host and all that, but Wordpress does a damn fine job of holding everything that this blog can't, such as my links all neatly organized. And I have descriptions!

I collect links. And I collect all sorts of random tidbits. Always for later. Some I come back to. Others just get lost in the piles of "important stuff." I'm not very good at coming up with categories for organizing things. I'm not sure exactly why, but it's become one of my new projects. Not so much the organizing, but understanding why it's so damn hard for me to stay organized. Especially since I do hate my desk all cluttered and being unable to find things. (Sadly, I'm not one of those people who can keep track of what pile that important note on the half sheet of scrap paper is in. I'm lucky if I know what room it's in.)

After cleaning up the links on my website, I moved on to the links in my Favorites Menu. (Also known as bookmarks.) Then I moved around a few folders on my computer to better organize those.

Then, because some how it always happens this way-- I get into "Cleaning Mode"-- I tackled my desk. I removed most of the sticky notes from my monitor, cleaned up and filed a bunch of things on my desk, and moved around the remaining "important things." It was a fairly productive day, all and all. I still need to figure out how to be better organized. Some day. Maybe when I'm not working quite so many hours and have fewer insanely busy weeks where it's easier to justify not putting things away properly.

Anyway, the most important thing is that I've finally updated my links to better reflect my current internet lurkings. Check it out.

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Barbara Martin said...

I understand when one acquires too many links: my sidebar needs tidying too, but I like to meander once in awhile on some of them who are not on my google reader.