Monday, August 23, 2010

My Town Monday: Naked Guy On the Move

The Naked Guy is infamous in Brighton.  He's pretty controversial.  And he's been dressed up a good number of times.
Now, he's on the move.  The Powers That Be in Brighton have decided that the Naked Guy statue will be relocated from his present position-- where he flashes drivers on Main Street and visitors to the Mill Pond-- to another, yet to be disclosed location.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed.  I was enjoying his changing attire-- like the shirt for the local Cancer Run/Walk or the Red Wings Jersey.  Then again, I don't get all hot and bothered by undefined lumps that don't at all resemble genitalia.  (Oh, man, I could so make a comment here about local men lacking balls and dicks, which is why neither the men or women around here know that the Naked Guy isn't showing ANYTHING off.  But I'm not like that.  ;-)  I mean, really, a Ken doll has more definition than the Naked Guy.

But the Naked Guy is going to go on a naked trek somewhere else in Brighton.  A new piece of art will replace it.  I hope it's not some abstract hunk like the big orange THING up the street a ways.

Now this knee-jerk "conservative" town will have to find something new to get upset about.  That new coffee shop seems like a good idea... but more on that next week.


Clare2e said...

When I linked to the racy photo, I had to fan keep awake that is : )

My SIL's neighbors have geese statues (no clue!) topping columns beside their driveway. But the best part is that they costume them in festive and topical attire depending upon the season. I can definitely see enjoying the many, changing moods of naked guy. Sorry your shapeless non-genitalia is shipping out!

Gabriele Goldstone said...

We have a naked guy in town, too. He's up way high on the legislative building so we don't have to look the other way. He's our Golden Boy.

Barrie said...

I wonder where Naked Guy will end up? And what will your replacement be? A veiled chameleon, perhaps!!!

debra said...

Hey---it could be the next Where's Waldo!!!! Where's Naked Guy.