Monday, June 15, 2009

My Town Monday: Naked Guy Gets Dressed

This summer, Brighton's Main Street underwent construction. Some sort of improvements to the sewer system.

The construction started a little past the Mill Pond.

And on the banks of the Mill Pond, facing Main Street, is the Naked Guy Statue. Well, it's actually called Decision Pending, but locally, he's the Naked Guy.

Well the Naked Guy donned some apperal appropriate to the construction: hard hat, reflective vest and a tool belt.

No one knows who did it. No one seemed in a rush to take it off.

(The artist is quoted as insulting the town by saying that dressing up the statue is juvenile and stupid. He's not a local. I think it's funny. I'm hoping to catch the Naked Guy in other garb. Personally, I think that it's kind of an ownership thing. The city bought the statue and now he's ours... It's not like there's any damage done to the statue. That'd be different.)

Another shot...Speaking of thing humorous... this is the first shot I took of the Naked Guy.

Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks the juxtaposition of the fountain with the statue looks like what I think it looks like...

Thanks for playing My Town Monday. Now a word from our sponsor... Travis Erwin.


Travis Erwin said...

Naked guy needs new garb from time to time. It would be much cooler that way than always nude. Matter of fact I'll send a Don't Mess With Texas t-shirt of you'll take a shot of naked guy wearing it.

debra said...

Hey--I will send you a Peninsula Python T-shirt if you send me the size and a photo.

Ddusty said...

Naked Guy needs a lei. (See MTM by Cloudia).

If this were in my town, I just could not stop myself from dressing him in various attire. I'd start a committee. What size does he wear?

Barbara Martin said...

Dressing up the statute seems like a fun thing to do.