Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sound of Keys Not Typing

Well... it happened. I've stalled. Partly from a busy weekend, what with social gatherings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That alone is enough to wear me out. Plus the usual collection of chores and weekend projects. And I just didn't even open the document with my current WIP.

Blah, blah, blah. It's all excuses.

If I'd really wanted to, I would have found time to work on my novel. The fact is that I'm kind of frustrated. I don't like that Bo's voice is missing from much of the story, and I'm having trouble putting it in, even during this last batch of revisions. I also keep running into scenes that are damned hard to write.

It's making me cranky.

But, I'm done with excuses. Tonight, after Hubby has gone to bed, when the night is quiet and still, I will saddle back up and get back to work.

Besides, if I'm writing, that means I have a good excuse for not cleaning the basement or washing windows or digging another drainage trench or trimming the bushes or...

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Barbara Martin said...

I understand the sentiments of leaving the housework while working on stories. I've been doing this much too much lately and with committing myself to writing historical articles for an online magazine, something has to give. I decided that should be the household chores and leave them to the bottle washer.