Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Baby Shark

Right now, for a limited time, on Robert Fate's website you can get a free download of Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues. This is the second Baby Shark book, and it's still worth it.

Baby Shark-- Kristen-- is certainly one of my favorite female characters. I devoured the first Baby Shark book and have eagerly awaited each of the following ones (saving up my pop bottles if need be.) The fourth Baby Shark book is due out in September. That means there's plenty of time to read the previous three before launch.

Baby Shark could give Bo Fexler a run for her money in the tough female character department. And I think it's rather disappointing that so few people know about this female character. I mean, honestly, what does a woman have to do to get noticed.

(If I knew, perhaps Bo would have her novels published, too.)

Check it out. I've already read it, so I'll be over here writing when you get done. Then we can rave about it together.

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Barbara Martin said...

I've downloaded it to read, and will come back to tell you what I think. I need to get my heroine to be tougher and maybe this will show me how to improve her assertiveness.