Monday, March 19, 2007

All Quiet on The Internet Front

With all the stories I've sent out the last two months, I would have expected to have more to post. For better or for worse, I have heard nothing on the vast majority of stories currently farmed out to various editors.

The only one I've heard back on was a positive rejection. I've been working on this story. A bit. Trying to get across Bo's character better in the story, without clubbing the reader with it. I've done that before . . . of course the other problem is that I spent my entire weekend with my brain in the toaster. I popped out a fifteen page paper on alternative education, but my brain is burnt to a crisp.

I need a vacation. I'll settle for two days off-- one to relax and the other to do fun things, like writing, that have been pushed not to the back burner, but all the way off the stove. Two days off.

When you see the flying pigs get struck by lightnening twice, I'll get my days off.

Story I most want to work on: Francis Thayer Whittacker
Story last worked on: Private Eyes and Ears
Last story finished: Exposure
Excuse for not writing: everything

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