Monday, March 5, 2007

Here I am.

Well. I've been kicking around the idea of putting up some sort of page for Bo Fexler, especially as she's been spotted more and more, lurking in corners of the internet. So, now that my computer-- my Precious-- is finally returned in working order, I've decided to do it.

My computer was gone for the last week. And before that it was in limbo because it needed a new motherboard, but I needed to get a proccessor . . . it was horrid. Then I managed to get a virus that reproduced like Tribbles in my exe files. That was pretty cool. But, now my Spud is back. And hubby and I can share our internet connection. (My internet connection.) And for Valentines Day hubby got me a *REAL* office chair. After some thirteen years of personal computing, I have an actual office chair. With cushions and armrests. Took some getting used to.

Now, if my freshly ordered toner cartridges get here, my office will be fully functional. It's a good feeling. And I can finally get some serious work done on a couple stories. Wordpad just doesn't cut it when I've been spoiled with MSWord for those thirteen years.

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r2 said...

Bo is a 10. I love the stories. I go all over the web to find them. Keep 'em coming.