Saturday, June 16, 2007

Works in Progress

Just finished writing "Missing, but not Missed" a story about some young people who absconded. The trail is hard to follow because no one seems to care about the kids.

"Beaten to the Punch" is in the process of being edited. It's a little tricky balancing the two investigations/ mysteries. I'm hoping to get that edited by the end of the weekend (ha!) but expect efforts to put together my travel photo book to interfere.

As for publishing news: my short story "Failing Mark" has been accepted in two locations . . . as I unwittingly submitted it to two places at the same time. I will post the links when the story is available for consumption.

  • Story currently in progress: Editing Beaten to the Punch
  • Last story completed: Missing, but not Missed
  • Excuse for not writing: actually, I have been writing. Slowly, but I did poke away at Missing, but Not Missed all week. And finished it. =)

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