Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm Back . . .

Yeah. I said I was going to post weekly, then I go almost two weeks without posting anything. =) I have no defense. But I do have an excuse: I went traveling east to Washington D.C. (Arlington, actually) and to SE Pennsylvania to visit family and see some of the sights. We put some 1500 miles onto our little car heading from the mitten-shaped state I like to call home. And as much fun as we had traveling, I am really, really glad to be home again.

And, I'm down to just two jobs for a few fleeting weeks, meaning I may even have time to work on some stories.

Speaking of stories, a dark and immoral Bo Fexler story "The Pleasure Business" is supposed to appear in Out of the Gutter #2. It's a quirky little tale that shows how loose some of Bo's ethics can be. But it's all about the investigation . . . Oh yeah, OOTG is a print mag-- you can purchase a copy of the dark, corrupt, twisted collection of tales to read my story for about $14. If OOTG #1 was an indicator, there will be a number of good writers with well-told stories. Not happy stories, but well told stories of bad people and people doing bad things. Even Bo. Now, I think one of Bo's stories alone would be worth $14, but I have a pretty good opinion of myself and my writing.

Also, whilst I was away, Flashot ran my latest little story. It's actually a Bo Fexler story. The story is "Off-Kilter Perspective." It's currently on the Last 10 Flashot's page . . . for now. Read quickly!

That's the only news I have at this time. EVEN THOUGH I was gone and away from my email for a whole WEEK (I was starting to suffer withdrawl!) I had NO responses for the half-dozen stories I have out in cyberland! Don't these editors understand? I was supposed to come home to a slew of acceptances. A reward for my time away from email. =)

  • Story in progress: just a snippet so far about a missing girl and an old trailer
  • Last story finished: Beaten to the Punch
  • Excuse for not writing: Driving 1500 miles. I still feel like I'm rolling along even while I sit in my office chair.

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