Friday, February 22, 2008

The Muse is Hibernating

It's been damn cold here in my Mitten-shaped state. Too cold for me. And apparently also too cold for my muse. I think my muse has gone into hibernating. I've barely found any words in my keyboard.

But I have done some thinking. Mainly as I drive halfway across the county, and back, from my temporary exile to work.

Many of Bo's stories, and most importantly, The Novel, are set in "current day" Michigan. The economy around her sucks like a Dyson, without the manuverability of those special wheels. Would people still hire a private investigator? Would Bo be likely to fall on more difficult times, financially? Or is she just hot enough and smart enough to keep it up? Or am I just doing what writers do best-- obsess over stupid, trivial things?


pattinase (abbott) said...

I hear you, Sister and I have to say I don't set a lot of stories in Michigan. Right now, I'm sitting in the sun in Florida (in my head) and spending time with a boy keeping a menagerie of gators and such. Passes the time.

socalledauthor said...

I'd like Michigan better if I didn't have to go outside when the temperature is below 40. I'm really an indoor cat.

Though, cold, wet, rainy, or super-muggy (just the best phases of Michigan weather) make, I think, for great noir settings. Weather as adversary. Makes things even worse for the already screwed protagonist. ;-)