Saturday, September 6, 2008

Need a Tourniquet

My bank account is hemorrhaging!


I keep trying to convince Hubby to prostitute himself for extra cash. He's a good looking guy. He should be able to get a few takers.

For some reason he never goes for the idea.

I could be his pimp.

He just laughs at me.

He laughs at me a lot. He says it's becuase he thinks I'm funny. Sometimes I think he might just be laughing at me.

I still think he could make good money at a prostitute.

Since he's not going for that, I guess I'd better get to work making money some other way. That bank account isn't going to heal by itself.

I wonder if he'd agree to be a male stipper...

1 comment:

Travis Erwin said...

Tell him to suck it up and take one for the team. Time's are hard.