Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I had every intention of making a My Town Monday Post today. I have the pictures and everything. But Labor Day left me all tired out.

Not from playing or frolicking. From working. While Labor Day is a day off to honor the working masses, there is still a large mass of people who don't get the day off. Ironically, the day to honor the little guy in the work world does is no good for the littlest guy-- those in retail, restaurants, and other service jobs. The lowest paying jobs.

At least I get paid time and a half for my toiling today. And there weren't enough managers around to notice me hiding working in the back today. Hubby got neither when he went to work today. But the end result of my hard, dirty work today is that I am too tired to much enjoy the last day of summer vacation.

Sure I'll put my feet up with a cool drink while the sun sinks into the horizon. For a couple hours. But I gotta finish getting everything printed, gathered and ready for the first day of school tomorrow.

I hope those of you who had the day off were able to enjoy it. And for those of you, like me who worked it, I hope you make sure you enjoy the days off you do have. Whether it's a national holiday or a just a regular day off, make sure to relax and take some time for yourself. The chores will still be there.

For those of you writers-- do you consider writing "work" or is it still "fun"? Can it be both? If you wrote all Labor Day, would you consider that working?


Travis Erwin said...

I too had to slave away today. I view writing as fun work.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I worked all day yesterday too. Never did get Labor Day. What is it you're supposed to do?