Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Spring in Michigan this year came just before a snow storm. Several inches worth of powdery wet white stuff is not the sort of thing I associate with spring. My mental image is more along the lines of blue skies with puffy white clouds; leaving my winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves at home; and quiet evenings listening to spring peepers in that brief period before the humm of air conditioners takes over.

But, I don't mind the weather. It just is. Like the road backing up at 5:10 when I need to get on my way to class. Or the certainty that some ijot will try to run me of the expressway before I can merge. Just is.

Eventually, the snow will melt and stay melted. Eventually, the moat in front of the garage will slowly drain away. And spring really will be here.

I've lived in Michigan my whole life. (Okay, that's nto saying much...=) But, I find the variety and the ever-changing nature of Michigan weather to be incredibly conducive to storytelling. As author (aka minor god) I can write whatever weather I want and it's feasible in Michigan. Rain, snow, sleet, bone-chilling cold, blistering heat, vicious thunderstorms, knee-deep snow. I can fit the mood of the story, or provide a contrast-- such as pairing the pleasnt spring day with ugly conversations or discoveries.

In my short stories, one of the things I have to decide pretty early on is the weather. When, during the year, is the story set? What weather will Bo contend with? Is it usual weather? How can I use the weather to show something-- such as her character? Maybe it's a freak winter snow storm and she's swearing at the pile of snow she has to brush off her car even though she was really, really tired of brushing snow off her car about three months ago... oh, wait, that's me. And that is the one part of snow that I tire of really early in the winter.

But I still don't mind Michigan weather, overall. Small price to pay for having such great story-writing opportunities. And for getting to live in a state shaped like a Mitten.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Having not lived in Michigan my whole life (and that is saying something) I am less enthused about Michigan eight months a year. We have a nice summer (sometimes).