Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seasonal Amnesia

When the weather is warm, as in anything above freezing, and the is no sign of snowflakes, I develop seasonal amnesia. While I occasionally think and write about snowfall, it's always the pretty fluffy flaky snow.

It's never the slushy, ugly gray snow or the bitter cold freezing snow/rain/mess. I don't use this clearly noir setting often enough, with characters trudging through or hunched in the cold, freezy precipitation.

I don't have any trouble writing warm spring or summer scenes during winter months. I think I lean towards warm spring rains or summer morning where it's 70 degrees before dawn. (*sigh*)

Sometimes, a story calls for a particular atmosphere, but snowy sleety is not a scene I often set. Perhaps in part because I don't like cold.

Right now, we're nearly buried in a good foot of snow. We're finally above zero in temperature. It's cold and snowy and would make for a nice setting. If a story calls for it.

Some of my stories dictate their setting (particularly weather) while others are more malleable. How do your settings get made?

And what's the weather like where's your at?

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Barbara Martin said...

The setting in my first manuscript is in the Pacific northwest close to the Cascade Mountains, so I could have wildlife from the forest close at hand. I chose early spring as any winter scene would mean certain animals would be hibernating when I needed them active.