Thursday, January 8, 2009

16 Things Meme

I haven't been tagged, but I'll play along with this one.

1. I love Diet Pepsi. It's my lifeblood. But, caffeine has no discernible affect on me. I can drink a glass of Diet Pepsi right before bed and sleep just fine. I can also give it up for days and weeks... but I prefer not to. It's my carbonated caramel colored drink of choice.

2. I get bored easily.

3. I'm a serious procrastinator. I work best under pressure. I have been known to cook, bake, even organize the linen closet in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

4. I am allergic/ intolerant/ oversensitve to gluten (wheat) and corn. This includes corn syrup. These dietary restrictions are only a few years old. So I spent twenty-some years eating everything normally...

5. I think Babylon 5 is the best TV show ever. I watch it on DVD almost every year with Hubby.

6. I have never owned a car with less than 100k miles on it. But, sadly, I have only ever rolled one car past 200k miles. The rest have rusted out before that.

7. I was born in Indiana, but I have lived in Michigan since I was 4.

8. I think Michigan is the coolest shaped state, ever. I like getting to use my hand as a map.

9. I actually enjoy troubleshooting computers. And I like helping people make their computer obey.

10. I have had my own computer since I was in middle school. I have always had hand-me-down computers that was replaced by an upgrade.

11. I'm a PC-- I am part of the Microsoft Collective. You will be assimilated.

12. I am both pragmatic and cheap. I have a dreadfully hard time spending money to replace something that works perfectly fine. That's why I still have an old typewriter stand for my nightstand.

13. I hate being cold. There is nothing else I hate more than being cold.

14. I play the Pokemon Trading Card game. So does my Hubby. Because of him, we now travel to local tournaments.

15. I don't carry a purse. Though, by necessity, I sometimes have a mini backpack with my own salad dressing or ketchup for eating out.

16. One of my goals in life is to type my keyboard to death. I have had that keyboard since 1997. It works perfectly! Not a single key has any problems. But I'm still working at it.

If you wanna play, grab a keyboard and join in.

I'm gonna go get my warm fuzzy blanket, close the curtains so I can't see the continually-falling snow, and work on a story. With a glass of Diet Pepsi at my side.

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