Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quirks and other Character Traits

Sometimes, I think writers forget how much a little detail actually can reveal about a person-- be it a real or fiction one.

Many a writer stops to explain just what that particular quirk means and how the character got it and all that sort of stuff.

Maybe it's because I'm a writer myself, but I'd prefer that the quirk speak for itself. Leave things implicit. Let me apply my own interpretation. To a point. Besides, often, writers explain things that are fairly self-evident. As if they don't think they're reader is nearly clever enough to get the genius.

I used to have a hard time not explaining all the delightful backstory. Then I got over it. Partly because I was writing so much flash fiction-- all those 750 and 1000 word peices that went over to Muzzle Flash (RIP) and Powderburn Flash. I learned to imply, to leave things out. Sometimes I think I'm a little too coy with my subltey.

Hubby would think that's funny since he says I'm never subtle. He forgets sometimes that I know where he sleeps... ;-)

So, if I described a young female character, early twenties, married, has taken her husband's last name, but prefers Ms. to Mrs.-- what things would you conclude about this woman?

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