Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Hubby's Fault

I'm finally starting to rearrange my routine after the turmoil of moving. But even as I've planned and allotted chunks of time, I kept feeling like I had no time. In fact, it's been far, far too long since I've opened a Word doc that wasn't a school assignment.

I can blame a lot of moving and turning the new house into a home. Then there's the end of semester grading. Then the beginning of semester preparation.

And, the biggest time chunk of all... goes to Hubby.

I've finally figured out where all my writing time went. I've been spending more time with Hubby than I have in, well, years.

This isn't inherently a bad thing... I am kind of fond of the guy. But I think I'm hiding from my writing. I haven't had much inspiration. Though that's an excuse that only goes about three inches before it runs into trouble. I've forced myself to write plenty of times before, inspiration or now. I've revised, written, plotted and submitted without "inspiration."

Now that many of the tasks for the coming semester are dealt with, my work load in that regard should lighten up. I'm getting used to how job number 4 works out. Most of the projects in the house are done (for now.) It's time to take a little more time for writing.

I have fans waiting. Right? Are you folks still there, waiting for Bo Fexler to saunter on back in something provocative?

Thanks for you, my readers of both my fiction and my blog. I do appreciate you. It's more fun to talk when someone's at least nodding along. (And yet I'm a high school history teacher... ;-)

Now, I'm gonna get a sandwich and play writer for a while.


pattinase (abbott) said...

There are just periods like this--I'm having one now too with my mother.
You will get back to it and maybe with new things to say. I know it.

Clair Dickson said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Patti. =)

Barbara Martin said...

Everyone has times where they can't get any writing done. Mine has been blogging too much, so I'm probably going to slow to a trickle.

It is important to spend quality time with hubby. He might be in a position to provide inspiration for your next Bo instalment.