Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ha ha, very funny.

The universe has a very strange sense of humor. Now that I'm mostly recovered from the last "joke," I have a response for the universe: .|..

What's the joke? Well, see, I have quite a lot of allergies. Many of these are airborne, including dust and mold. So, often times, I take a daily anti-allergy medicine. One of those 24 hour ones.

Only, the universe thought it would be funny if I developed an allergy to the anti-allergy medication.

Really fucking funny.

I made it through, but by the time I started my recovery, I noticed something... the voices in my head were gone. It was... quiet. It was like I imagine normal people are like. I don't want to be normal! I'm a writer.

Good news is, the voices have come back. Bo came back with a new story for me to work on and everything.

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Patti said...

I have all those allergies too. And with me, those meds have stopped working. The voices are there though. So through my tearing eyes and sinus headache I can just make them out.