Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Popularity Contests-- Difference between pessimism and realism

I don't enter many contests, be they for my writing or otherwise. When it comes to writing, the more general the contest, the more I'm certain that my writing has no place within a thirty-mile radius of said contest.

I realize that my writing does not have broad appeal. Well, no, truthfully, there are quite a few women that like my writing. Ha ha. But when it comes to popularity contests, my writing isn't going to appeal to a wide enough audience to win.

Or maybe I'm just being a pessimist.

Is there much difference in cases like these between the two?

While it would be nice to win a contest, and surely it would provide some serious validation for my writing skills, I don't enter. I hold on to my money and send to places more likely to accept things dark, bitter, sexy, and sharp. Am I short changing myself or just accepting that as the quiet bookworm with glasses, I'm never going to be prom queen?

And when it comes to writing contests, sometimes I do have a hard time with questioning whether perennial winners are really just that good or if perhaps there's a little bit of nepotism going on. Especially in smaller groups. Makes me wonder if track record or longtime relationships are affecting judging. I

I don't know if it's pessimism or realism.

Neither quite aligns with how I view my own attitude anyway: I'm an cynical optimist. The glass is half full, but some jackass is going to kick it over.


The Anti-Wife said...

Cynical optimist! Me too!

Paul Brazill said...

i'm a 'glass is half spilled' kind of person ...

von Klick said...

The glass is half full if it got that way after someone poured stuff into it.

It is half empty if someone drained it to that level.

I've never really seen why this was supposed to be a measurement of my optimism.