Thursday, February 19, 2009

Narrative and Voice

I use a certain voice when writing Bo Fexler's stories. Perhaps one could call it Bo's voice since she's the one narrating. It's extra snarky and full of bitter commentary.

I'm not quite as snarky as Bo, or as regularly so. Mine ebbs and flows and sometimes comes in bursts that Hubby calls cynicism storms. In fact, it's actually quite dangerous if I get extra-snarky... I say things at school that I maybe shouldn't. o.O

Thus, when I am writing, I have an extra component. I have characters, setting, plot, narrative, and voice. Now that I'm becoming far less averse to rewriting, I'm finding it easier to keep moving on the plot and narrative even if I know that the voice is completely wrong.

Without the snark, a Bo Fexler story is just like any other story. Just a recitation of the details. There's no character.

I wonder how many differen ways I can say the same thing... ;-) Which actually, is part of what my writing voice is all about. There's the regular way, the slightly snarky way, and then there's full fledged Bo Fexler where I laugh at my own writing and feel proud of what I've created.

I wonder if Raymond Chandler ever had trouble keeping up the style of his prose?

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