Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back in the Gutter

My copy of Out of the Gutter 4 arrived yesterday. Maybe I should call it my contributer's copy. My short story "Bad Dream" was plucked off Muzzle Flash and stuck into Out of the Gutter #4. Along side some other really great stories. Assuming one likes dirty, vile stories that are well written.

Such as the pieces by Anthony Neil Smith, Miracle Jones and Heather Waters. So far. I mean, I just got it yesterday. It's nice to be in such fine company.

  • Story in Progress: Hit Woman
  • Last Story Completed: Untitled Gangster Porn
  • Reason for Not Writing: Chatting it up with my friend Mark Franchi
  • Current Song: Bring me to Life by Evanescense

1 comment:

sandra seamans said...

Congratulations, Claire!! That's great news.