Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sharp Tongues and Sharp Minds

I've been reading some Sherlock Holmes lately (using where they send me 5 minutes worth in my email each day.) I'm kind of surprised by Sherlock Holmes' lack of social niceties. He's not as rude or crude as Phillip Marlowe or Bo Fexler, but he's certainly a bit short and impatient with people.

But everyone seems to overlook his demeanor because they are so enraptured by his intellect.

I'm a bit guilty myself of letting a good, crisp joke overshadow what should be otherwise considered rude behavior. I enjoy the wit of Phillip Marlowe. I've been known to make a few off-color jokes myself, both in person and in writing.

Don't pretty boys and girls can get away with things that plainer folk can't? Can't the contrite-seeming can pull things that a belligerent seeming person can't? Do we forgive the intellectual of poor social skills because of their brain power-- or ability to turn a phrase nicely?

Or am I just nuts for thinking that Sherlock Holmes is terse and sometimes condescending?


r2 said...

I always thought that Sherlock had a bit of an attitude for those he thought less gifted, which was just about everybody. He was also the first "Bad Boy" in literature, being addicted to cocaine.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Shame on me for only having read Hounds. I must correct this. He always seemed too stuffy and effete.