Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who am I to argue?

Check out this review of Out of the Gutter #4 by Rod Lott at Bookgasm. The guy seems to have pretty good taste.

As for an anthology of Bo Fexler shorts-- someday. I've got over 50k in published shorts so far. That doesn't include the four shorts that are currently pending publication. First, I'd like to get the novel done. I've heard that it's rather unlikely for an 'unkown' author to get their own anthology published. But when Bo's first novel takes the nation by storm, I'll have that anthology ready in the wings to fill in the gap between novels. Not that I've spent any time thinking about this.

But first I have to finish that novel. It's still untitled, and I just took a very painful chunk out of it. 10k words sliced off the tail end. I think I whimpered. (Not that I hit delete. I cut the sections out and pasted them into a "cut scenes" doc since there may be some peices I can still salvage.) The good news, however, is that I have a much better sense of where I'm going now. I know where the missing guy has gone-- minor point in a novel about a missing guy-- and I know who was behind it and why. More trivial details, but the clarification of such should, in theory, barring any unforseen scheduling complications, allow me to make serious progress.

Unless I leave my flash drive at school again...

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