Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues

I loved the first Baby Shark book and devoured it in a reading frenzy of 24hours. This second book was good, but didn't quite grab me the same way.

There was one single allusion to Kristin's Baby Shark nickname. She didn't once trounce the guys at pool. This boook seemed a bit detached from Kristin, compared to the first one.

The first book was very personal since it dealt with Kritin's revenge. The second book moves her into the private eye business, so there's no personal angle. That was biggest drawback in the book.

The writing was fine, the story was interesting, I just wanted more of the Kristin I'd gotten to know from the first book to show up. Still, I'd recommend it. Still a good, solid book. And I can't wait until I can get my little hands on book #3.

In other news, things got crazy around here. It was the LAST week of classes. Plus I had a baby shower for my sister in law to attend (I'm too young to procreate ;-). And the Alternative Ed Graduation.

And today's my wedding anniversary, so I'm trying to get this post out of the way so we can have the rest of the day to play. No idea what we're doing-- eating out it a challenge at best since I'm allergic to everything. Gas prices are insane. I barely tolerate the movie theatre. Good thing he's tolerant and easy-going. I knew there was a reason (or two) I married this guy.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Happy Anniversary!

r2 said...

Patti beat me to it...Happy Aniiversary! It seems like the author of Bo Fexler could find something interesting to do on her anniversary.

Travis Erwin said...

Happy anniversary.

Clair Dickson said...

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes.

Ya'd think I'm an exciting person, given the stuff I write, but really, I'm just a quiet porcupine who prefers quiet and (relative) solitude. I do let hubby around from time to time. =)