Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big Books

I've really gotten into reading little books lately. The short, quick little books like Hard Case Crime puts out that you could slip into your back pocket. They take only a day or so to read, if that.

As one of those perpetually busy folks, I certainly like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a book. It takes a lot longer to do that with a big book.

Not only that, I often find myself wondeing how much of the Big Book is really necessary. Perhaps it could be even BETTER if it was pared down to a smaller, tigher size. No meandering.

I know that many readers enjoy the sidetrips and meanderings, the trips to the grocery store or the conversation with the aunt that shows character. And I admit they have their place, but for me that place is limited.

I wouldn't say I get bored easily, though that might be how hubby puts it. I just perfer my stories succinct and efficient.

Don't get me started on three hour movies. Any movie more than an hour and half requires me to bring the laptop into the living room for the nearly-inevitable distraction I suffer.

Every thing does not add to a story. How many times can I see a character get the bowl of cookie dowl ice cream out or call her aunt to bitch to understand this as a part of her character? Me, once. Maybe a second mention, if done breifly. Then, I got it, so, let's get to something interesting-- some new clues, or maybe some sex and violence.

I'm still going to say it's not 'cause I'm bored. It's because I prefer efficiency.

Maybe if I wasn't always so overbooked, I wouldn't feel quite the same way. Yeah. I'm not sure which is less likely-- me not being overbooked or not preferring efficiency.

At least I managed to get my novel written. It helps that it was only 71,000 words. That's all I had time for. ;-)

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