Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Conundrum of Movie Store Categories

While I understand that it's human nature to categorize, one of the areas that I have severe trouble is in the video store.

Our local Lackluster Video shelves the new releases by title. Which is good for me. Though I have this quirk of starting at the A-side and often have picked my two movies before I get halfway around. Then, with my new releases in hand, it's time to pick my "old" movies, which I get for free if I rent on certain days when the planets are aligned. That doesn't bother me-- I keep pretty good track of planetary alignment and lunar shifts. I do work with high school wolves kids.

It's the organization in the center of the store where the 'old' movies hang out, eating old popcorn and watching the TV monitors that show clips of new releases with ittybittytiny words saying what movie the clip is from. We'll overlook the fact that my glasses are seriously out of focus and I should have called about them about four months weeks ago. Some of the classifications eventually make sense-- like Star Wars under Action. Some seem to stretch just a bit-- like The Number 23 under horror. And some are just absurd-- like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as a comedy. And I thought I had a warped sense of humor.

So this system of categorizing certainly presents a conundrum when I stroll into the movie store. I can usually remember a few recent previews or reviews. And maybe a few movies that I've been wanting to see for a while. So I wander up and down the aisles looking for movies that I not only recall the titles but also have some recollection of whether I thought I wanted to see them, once upon a time. The classifications only make it harder. Is it really a comedy? Or is it one of those dark movies that makes a few 'jokes'.

And where's the section of "based on books" or "have actual plots"? I know that there's a neat website for the former would-be-section, but yeah, like I remember any of those when I go to Lackluster. Especially since Lackluster is located on the return stretch of my driving-- it's a block from home on the right hand side. I stopped only on the way home... and I've actually driven right by (even with the intention to stop!) because I was thinking about being almost home.

What would really be great, though, is if the movie store put in a couple of those kiosks like book stores have where you can find out more about the movie-- maybe get some reviews, compare to other titles, that sort of thing. Then, if I'm looking for something like Kill Bill, I don't have to remember to do/ bring my research with me.

Let's stay far away from how I'm really way too young to be so forgetful.

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MysterLynch said...

The idea of a kiosk at rental stores is a great one.

Of course it would likely mean that that copy of Money Train would sit, collecting dust, for all enternity...again, it is a great idea!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I hiigly recommend Netflix. You can do your browsing on the Internet that way. It saved us the zombie jamboree, which is how we thought of the video store cruising. Netflix works wonderfully well.