Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ever have one of those Scrabble benches that makes you feel like singing 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm?'

Yeah. Played a couple rounds of Scrabble with Hubby the last few days. (Taking a break from Pokemon. No, seriously.) These were not pretty games.

Every now and again, were all prone to getting the Scrabble Bench from Hell. Either the Old MacDonald Bench or the Polish surname Bench. Particularly amusing if it does include the Z. But, you muddle through, play a Scrabble Junior word (like "Cool" or "Jab") and grab a few points, meanwhile hoping that you get something worthwhile from your new letters.

Last night, though, it got ugly. Six turns in a row. Six turns. I had the Polish Surname bench. And four of those turns I had NO vowels. Not a one.

It gets funnier. Hubby had ONLY vowels. He had a 'Y' for a while, but that's sometimes a vowel too. The came had started so promising with words like "Pasty" and "Valid" (which was sadly made invalid in a desperate move). Elixir even showed up. But when one player has only vowels and the other only cononants and for some reason niether of us is willing to dump the bench and try again (something about stubbornness that is sometimes mistaken for perserverance) the game board quickly devolved into a sad, sad, jumble of three and four letter words that pretty well prevented anything from being added to the current words.

And then Hubby won.

I don't begrudge him his victory. He did get Elixir. But that game just sucked more than a brand new Hoover. I demand a rematch. The letters won that game.

Though, the fluidity of language makes for interesting Scrabble questions. I write eway as one word, same as I write email. But I think eway is still hypenated in "regular" usage. Either way, I denied Hubby using it last night. Since I'm the English major and the writer, he doesn't argue. Though he might spear me with one of my pet peeves, like 'task' used as a verb. *twitch*

I love words. The good, the bad, and the abused. On paper and in games. Scrabble is one of my favorite word games. Just below Fucking with Hubby*, I think. =)

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* Hubby's a good sport. <3


Travis Erwin said...

I love me some scrabble. Are you on Facebook. They have a game over there called Scrabulous which is the same thing and can be quite addictive.

Clair Dickson said...

Not on Facebook, but I know about Scrabulous. And the copyright kerfluffle.

I don't need more addicting things on the internet... sucking life away... =)